Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Colon Treatments

Anti-diarrheal agents – Various medicines available can reduce discomfort and slow down diarrhea but this does not slow down recovery for most diarrheal illnesses.

Anti-inflammatory medicines – Various drugs can slow down immune system function, easing symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

Antibiotics – Medicines can kill bacteria in the colon, used to cure some cases of colitis. This maybe used for attacks of inflammatory bowel disease.

Probiotics – Microbes are important for the helath of the colon. Probiotics are supplements of healthy microbes which may have benefits for some conditions like Crohn’s colitis.

Stool softeners – Over the counter and prescription medicines can soften the stool rarely affecting constipation.

Laxatives – Herbs, medicines and some salts can stimulate the bowel muscled or may bring more water into the bowel to relieve constipation.

Enema – This is a term used for pushing liquid into the colon through the anus. This can deliver medicines to treat constipation or other colon conditions.

Polypectomy – removal of the polyp

Colon surgery – using open or laparoscopic surgery, part or all of the colon maybe removed (colectomy). This maybe done for severe bleeding, cancer or ulcerative colitis.


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